MHL offers free typesetting to all MHL advertisers. There is a $50 charge for any pictures that need to be taken by our company. Any photos
that are provided by the advertisers need to be emailed to with a 300 dpi resolution.

If you are interested in rate information for the newspaper or the website, please email

Submitting advertisement in MHL Newspaper

MHL uses both verbal and written contracts regarding advertising. Once you have verbally committed to an ad, we expect that you will follow
through and meet your obligation in helping to get the ad published.

We offer free typesetting and are generally very adept at design what you are looking for.

Problems we run into generally revolve around getting the source material to design your ad. Here are some guidelines to help everything
run smoothly.

1. Please donít ask us to call a competitor to collect ad copy. Although most other publications are very helpful, it puts us in an awkward

2. Please understand that we cannot pull graphics out of thin air that have run in other publications. If you really have to have a particular
graphic, logo, picture, etc. to be included in your ad, we would appreciate if you would take the appropriate steps to have that graphic
for us in a digital

3. PDF is the best format for ads that are completely camera ready and to size. If the ad isnít to the right size, TIF, EPS or JPG will probably

4. TIF is the best format to send a graphic file. If there is a graphic or picture, we would appreciate getting it in a TIF format. The next best
would be

5. If you are sending a color file, it is absolutely imperative that all images are converted to CMYK and you are using a CMYK color palette to
select any colors within the ad. If you are unsure what CMYK means, please contact us. (262-375-6705.)

6. A good general rule of thumb is that if an image looks fuzzy or blurry on your screen, that is the way it will print. You should be able to
zoom fairly close before you can see blurriness in an image.

All ad materials can be emailed

Article submission

MHL encourages the submissions of articles. But, it is important that the articles do not show bias or favoritism towards the submitting party.
In order to keep editorial integrity, the following guidelines must be agreed to before acceptance of a submission.

1. The article must not include references to the advertiser or be promotional in nature.

2. The advertiser cannot make inclusion of the article as part of an advertising package.

3. The publisher can edit the article in accordance with space or content considerations.

4. Mistakes, omissions or technical errors within the article by the publisher will have no impact on any advertising agreement between MHL
and their advertisers.

5. Articles not up to our standards will not be run.

6. We will not guarantee particular placement or inclusion of stylistic elements such as pictures, graphs, charts etc.

7. Lewis Media Group has the right to use the article for MHL newspaper,MHL website and other media
outlets affiliated with Lewis Media Group for perpetual use at no charge.

It is important that we keep editorial neutrality to maintain credibility within the community.



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