MHL is distributed to over 400 locations in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Ozaukee counties. Our delivery routes have been meticulously
   crafted to maximize readership. We constantly upgrade our delivery sites to improve readership and visibility in the communities. It is
   estimated that MHL has over 40,000 readers each month!

   The main difference between us and other publications is that all of our delivery drivers advertise with us. This means they have a vested
   interest in getting their advertisement out and care about getting the papers to the place where they need to go.

   MHL is distributed to:

   Grocery Stores: Pick n Save, Sentry, Outpost Natural Foods, Beans n Barley, Rupena’s Fine Foods, Pharmacies: Aurora Pharmacy, Ye Olde
   Pharmacy, Walgreens,

   Fitness: YMCA, Elite Fitness and Racquet Clubs, Le Club, Southridge Athletic Club, WAC, Peak Performance, Fitness Together

   Libraries: Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties

   Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook, St. Joseph, St Francis, Wisconsin Heart Hospital, Aurora - Sinai, St.
   Lukes, West Allis Memorial, Women’s Pavillion, Aurora Advanced Healthcare -12 locations, Medical Associates, Glendale Clinics, Medical
   College, Columbia St. Marys - Mequon and Milwaukee
   Other miscellaneous locations: Over 50 doctor’s offices, Qdoba, Cafes, Starbucks, Subway, Senior organizations, Professional Buildings,
   Harry Schwartz Bookstore, Barnes and Noble Bookstores and many other high traffic areas.

   MHL is distributed to higher income areas. Our readers are focused on getting new information on their and their family’s health and
   well-being. Our Senior readers also look for housing opportunities and helpful tips for their life



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