Submitted by: Joyce Williamson,

Aging leads to a certain amount of brain cell loss, which can affect the ability to remember. As we age, our brains produce less of certain chemicals which help the brain function to its best ability. This “slowing down” of mental function is normal, but it also can be countered, improving your brain’s natural function and reducing memory loss. You can improve your brain function with games, exercise, good nutrition and socializing.   Making the right choices for your lifestyle can directly influence your brain function today and in the future.


1. Physical Exercise

A professor from the University of Illinois has conducted studies to prove people who exercise and live an active lifestyle have sharper brains then those who are inactive. These studies even showed those people who were in physical decline were able to sharpen their brain after starting an exercise program.

2. Mental Exercise

Researchers encourage older adults to play bridge, chess and poker.  Also, crossword puzzles are a great way to stimulate your brain.  Try to mix up your brain exercise games by not playing the same games or puzzles over and over again. 

3. Good Nutrition

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, a diet rich in dark vegetables and fruits and low in fat may help to protect brain cells.  A good rule of thumb for your diet is making your plate as colorful as possible. 

4. Laugh More

Laughter has multiple benefits including stress relief, lowering blood pressure and improving brain function.  Laughing stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance learning and ease muscle tension. Rent a funny movie or stay in and watch old “I Love Lucy” re-runs. 

5. Socialize

Studies have shown that staying socially active with friends can improve brain function and reduce dementia.  Engage with others verbally by picking up the phone and conversing for 15 minutes.  Join bridge clubs, take dance lessons or go to dinner with a group of friends. 





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